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Shandong Heavy Industry Group integrated the best core components for commercial vehicles and construction machinery in the industry, with their key technology being one of the best in the world. The production capacity of Fast heavy-duty transmission has reached 1 million units per year, with the production and sales volume being the highest in the World; for Hande Axle, the capacity is 500,000 units per year, with the company being the largest exporter in China; Shantui Construction Machinery is a leading manufacturer of caterpillar track assemblies, torque converters, transmissions and structural parts in China; Linde Hydraulics leads the world in high-pressure and hydrostatic technologies and system resolutions. The main business segments include the followings:

Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Group Co., Ltd is a large-scaled production company and an export base, specialized in the production of heavy-duty vehicle transmissions, automobile gear-boxes and its forgings & castings. It has more than 10 subsidiaries in Xi’an, Baoji and Xianyang, including five factories. Following its leapfrog development, Fast has already ranked among the top 30 automobile companies, top 100 Machinery companies and top 500 manufacturers in China.

From 2010, Fast Group’s sales quota has surpassed RMB 1 billion for two years in a row, with various production targets from the past 11 years being the best in gear industry, and the sales of heavy-duty vehicle transmissions remaining stable at the top for the past seven years.

Fast Group has won numeral prizes such as “National Labor Day Award”, “National Top 10 State-owned Enterprises”, “National Exemplary Employer” and was entitled as “State Level Technology Center” and “State level Innovation Pilot Enterprise”. It was also listed as an “export-oriented enterprise for automobile spare parts” and the “pilot enterprise for spare parts remanufacturing”. Fast was rated as a famous Chinese brand, while Fast auto gear products were granted with the Certificate for Product Exemption from Quality Surveillance Inspection. The innovation project of mechanical automatic transmission for heavy-duty vehicles was listed in the national program of “863 Plan”, while the Fast Auto Drive Engineering Innovation and Research Institute was certified as the “National  Enterprise Technology Center” and was appointed as the “Work Station for Academics and Experts” together with the Unit of Shaanxi “13115” Science and Technology Innovation Program. Following that, Fast Group established a national first-class science and technology innovation system and independent innovation system, started a new engine that features in being science guided, innovation driven, technologically supported and fast developed. The company formed a new pattern with the integration of production, study and research and the complementary advantages of domestic and overseas markets, thus laying down a new and solid basis for Fast’s independent innovation and scientific development.

Based on scientific development and independent innovation, Fast Group has already reached annual production and sales capacity of 1 million auto transmissions, 50 million gear-boxes, 100,000 tons of automobile forgings. And it has a full market coverage with 4-gear to 16-gear transmissions, matching perfectly to heavy duty trucks, motor coaches, medium-light duty trucks, construction vehicles and low speed wagons with input torque ranging from 300-3000 Nm, and loading capacity of 4-60 tons. The company has been authorized as the best supplier of transmissions for various vehicles of OEMs in the domestic market. Its transmissions have been exported to the U.S., Australia, Eastern Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, altogether more than ten countries or regions worldwide. Its market share reached 80%, with a population of 4 million units being used in the market. The company’s competitive advantages and development potentialities are on continuous rise, and the employees’ quality of life is dramatically improved, thus making large contributions to the country and the society. Fast Group has become the fastest, the strongest, the most advanced and the largest modern company in the gear-box industry.

The company has a solid research force, and possesses more than 110 patents. Its several models of transmissions have won national automobile industry prizes for their scientific advancements, among others “Special Prize for Outstanding New Product in Gear Industry” and “Shaanxi Province Scientific Technology Advancement Award”. With independently developed and advanced intellectual property,  the company has developed more than 30 series and hundreds of individual products of dual-counter shaft transmissions.

Recently, Fast Group has signed a cooperative agreement in Xian with “Xi’an FC Intelligence Transmission Co., Ltd.,” which is the only joint venture established in China by the American Caterpillar and specialized in the development and manufacturing of heavy-duty hydraulic operated automatic transmission (AT). They are to jointly launch the CX series of heavy-duty hydraulic AT’s. With the project achieving full production, it will be able to yield 120,000 heavy-duty hydraulic AT’s and 1.5 million for-export products annually, thus providing the latest optimal configuration for improvement of the safety, reliability, comfort of heavy-duty commercial vehicles in China. At the same time, Fast Company has cooperated with WABCO Vehicle Control System Company to create F-Shift heavy duty AMT transmission, which has already been launched in the market. This new automatic transmission is highly cost-effective, fuel economical, reliable and energy-saving, and it helps to further enhance the safety, comfort and driving efficiency of vehicles, impressing users worldwide. The production capacity of F-shift ATM is currently reaching 10,000 sets per year.

With superior equipment, advanced and modernized forging lines, digital-controlled machine tooling production lines, heat treatment lines, assembly lines as well as high-precision calculation, inspection and testing methods, the company has already reached high quality standards and been certified by ISO9001: 2000, QS9000, ISO/TS16949: 2002 quality control systems; ISO10012: 2003 measuring control system grade AAA; ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system; ISO17025: 1999 laboratory control and OHSAS18001 occupational safety and health control.

In the China automobile service star rating program, Fast won the “five-star level automobile service” for years running, becoming the only gear industry company to appear on that list; in the international truck low-gasoline consumption competition, Fast company was honored with the “Most Fuel-saving Award” and “Most Fuel-saving Transmission Award”. In the national “Automobile Independent Innovation Achievement Competition”, four of Fasts new transmissions earned the "Original Innovation Award" and "Integrated Innovation Award", with its total awards won topping the industry of assembly parts and components.

Shaanxi Hande Axle Co., Ltd.
Shaanxi Hande Axle Co., Ltd is a high-technology enterprise which is co-funded by Shaanxi Automobile Group and Weichai Power. It has two main production bases in Xi’an and Baoji, and is an important heavy duty vehicle axle producer in China, with its products distributed to various famous truck companies across China. For the past years the company has been listed among "Chinas Top 500  Machinery Manufacturers" and “Chinas Top 100 Automobile Spare Parts Producers”, while the Hande Axle has been honored with the “China’s Famous Brand”, and “China’s Famous Trademark”.

With registered capital of RMB 320 million, the company occupies a total area of 330,000 square meters, and has more than 2,600 employees, of which, 380 are engineering technicians and highly-skilled technology professionals in all levels, 8 senior engineers, and 2 professor-level senior engineers.

The company has perfected its product development, production, inspection & test and sales system and successively been certified by ISO9001:1994/2000, ISO/TS16949 quality control system and environment/occupational health control system .

Since 1980s when the company introduced Steyr (Austria) axle technology, Hande has closely followed the industrys development, and in 2004 started its technological cooperation with the German MAN, and introduced the world’s leading technology standards for heavy-duty axle manufacture, which secured their leading position of technological level in the domestic market.

The company’s main products: double reduction drive axle, single reduction drive axle, steering front axle, coach axle and trailer axle, all together four categories of and more than 100 types of products.

In recent years, the company has invested more than RMB 650 million to conduct flexibility transformation on the key parts machining line, axle assembly line and painting line, which brought on more than 30 domestically first-class and internationally advanced professional production lines for axle housings, differential housings, wheel reducers, final reducer housings, hubs, transition boxes, front beams, steering knuckles etc., and their auxiliary heat treatment line, plating line, axle assembly assembling and painting line.

After implementing large scale technological transformation and establishing new production sites, the company, aiming at enhancing its core management, applied ERP and lean production management, making the management more efficient, scientific and standardized.

For the last years, the company has worked on establishing solid relationships with more than ten heavy-duty vehicle and coach manufacturers at home and abroad, including Shaanxi Automobile, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, Shanghai Huizhong, Anhui Hualing, Zhengzhou Yutong Group and others, with its axle assembly distributed to more than ten countries or regions including Europe, Asia and North-America. The axle assembly technology has already been exported to India in the manner of technology licensing, which is the first case of technology export in China and represents another step to usher in the global market.
To satisfy the increasing demand from both the global and domestic markets, the company established Xi’an plant in July 2006. Until now, the first phase construction has already completed and plant has put into production, and the second phase construction has started in October 2007. Once the construction is finished, Hande Xi’an production site is expected to reach an annual capacity of 150,000 drive axles and 100,000 steering front axles. Hande Axle is committed to, by the end of the “11th Five-Year Plan”, developing itself into a modernized large-scaled axle manufacturing site with superior equipment, advanced processes and technologies as well as first-class management, and boasting a production capacity of 400,000 axles in all kinds.


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