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1. High reliability. Due to short agricultural machinery operation time and strong seasonality, high reliability can ensure working efficiency and benefits.
2. Large torque reserve factor. The agricultural machinery usually operate under high load, and due to different soil hardness and crop density, need a high torque reserve rate to overcome the increased load ;
3. Good environmental suitability. Because the domestic agricultural districts have complex environment, such as high temperature, plateau and dust environment, a good environmental suitability is required.
4. Good oil adaptability. Due to insufficient storage condition and environmental implication, the oil quality cannot be guaranteed;
5. Small vibration and noise. Because the labour intensity of driver who works for a long time is high, the agricultural machinery shall have a certain comfort to reduce the fatigue of driver.
6. Good fuel economy. To realize greater benefits, good fuel economy is required.
7. Short arrival time for service. To shorten the service time, short arrival time is required.
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