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Dedicated Power of Concrete Mixer

With the sustainable development of infrastructure and real estate construction and the continuous promotion of environmental protection requirements, the demand for concrete machinery in China is growing rapidly. As a important role from the concrete mixing station to construction site, the concrete mixer undertakes the important transport tasks.

Due to the special purpose and characteristics, there are special requirements for the vehicle structure and engine performance. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct the special configuration and research on the concrete mixer.

Operating Conditions of Concrete Mixer

■Between the suburbs and city, the roads are complicated and the transport distance is short
■Operating conditions may include the loading – transporting under standard loads - waiting for unloading – returning without load
■One-way standard load, and one-way no load 
■Engine works in the small load and low speed for a long time

Operating Characteristics and Requirements of Concrete Mixer

■Long idle time: Waiting for loading and unloading shall account more than 60% of total operating time
■Requirements: Idle performance shall be excellent (noise, vibration, fuel consumption, etc.) 
■Complex roads, flat road, slope, etc.
■Requirements: Low-speed torque shall be larger to apply to various complicated roads, and the speed shall remain not greater than 60 km/h
■The stop of mixing will result in the discarding of concrete in the tank
■Requirements: The reliability of vehicle shall be particularly high
■The malfunction shall be rectified in the shortest time
■Requirements: The service shall be timely

Developing Trends of Concrete Mixer

The products gradually differentiate as required by the operational efficiency and municipal restrictions:
■The tonnage of mixer for municipal renovation tends to be smaller (less than 9m3)
■The tonnage of mixer for construction site tends to be larger (more than 9m3)

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