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SD08US-3 Universal Blade Bulldozer for Swamp

SD08US-3 Universal Blade Bulldozer for Swamp
●The turbocharged engine features strong power, high efficiency and energy saving capabilities, and has a large torque reserve coefficient.
●The widened triangular tracks ensure low ground pressure and high traction.
●The planetary power shift transmission features a compact structure, smooth gear shifting, high efficiency and a long service life.
●Forward and reverse motion, gear shifting and steering are all controlled by a single PPC lever, being convenient and flexible.
●Integrated cast dashboard design makes layout of instrument more reasonable.
●The hexahedral cab has a beautiful appearance, wide visibility and is very comfortable.
●With a universal blade, the bulldozer can widely used for excavating, transporting, backfilling and shaping in earth-rock works and in construction of road, farm, water conservancy, municipal facilities and power plant projects, as well as construction and routine maintenance of golf course and amusement park and other area having complex terrain.
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