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Engineering Truck Axle

Introduction of Engineering Truck Axle:
The engineering truck axle products are processed with electronic beam welding machine and double-head high-precision cylindrical grinding machine from Germany, horizontal machining center from Japan and vertical machining center from South Korea to ensure the welding quality and machining precision of housing and major components; thus the assembly is characterized by high strength, bearing capacity and tonnage and resistance to impact load and deformation; with the hub reduction gear, the axle has a relatively wide range of speed ratio and large ground clearance; with the technologies for 13-ton level double reduction axle, the main speed reducer has the advantages such as high drive efficiency, fuel efficiency, long fatigue life of drive train and low noise; the axle housing is independently developed with overall expansion-molding technologies and has a high bearing capacity; the axle head is electronic-beam-welded to ensure a reliable welding quality. The integral machining ensures the machining precision of axle housing is internationally advanced level.   
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