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Introduction of Truck Axle:
The truck axle products are developed with internationally advanced technologies, including front axle, front drive axle, single-reduction axle and double-reduction drive axle. The axle is processed with electronic beam welding machines from the US and Germany and double-head high-precision cylindrical grinding machine from Germany to ensure the welding quality and machining precision of housing and major components; thus the assembly is characterized by high strength, bearing capacity and tonnage, resistance to impact load and deformation, wide range of speed ratio and good speed reduction performance. The axle shaft is extrusion-molded with cold-beating spline from Switzerland and has a high torsional strength after surface thermal treatment . The axle has the best performance among congeneric products in China and can be equipped with ABS and automatic slack adjuster on request of customer. Currently, our truck axle products have been widely used on heavy-duty trucks and military off-road vehicles in China and exported to Iran, Russia, Europe and America and Southeast Asia.
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