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Introduction of Axle Gear:
The company has superior production equipment of axle gear, more than 50 lean-production lines composed of over 200 devices for spiral bevel and over 500 devices for cylindrical gear as well as more than 80 devices for forging gear, and more than 300 production equipment for engine gear, drive shaft and gear sleeve, among which there is the world’s first automatic production line of HD truck spiral bevel heat treatment and the first domestic production line of NC dry cutting technology of GLEASON Phoenix machine tool as well as two all-in-one production lines of ring gear broaching imported from Germany. It has a domestic first class R&D team of axle gear which has new design and development capacity and works with many domestic colleges, research institutions and OEMs to develop various products, including main reducer gear, differential gear and intermediate gear and engine gears for other automotive-grade engineering machinery, with main models of Steyr series, MAN axle series, BENZ axle series, Jiefang CA axle series, Dongfeng EQ axle series, Howo axle series and various gear series customized based on the requirements of customers from auto and engineering machinery industries. The axle gear series products have high quality, and medium to heavy-duty axle gears are subject to a million cycles through the fatigue life testing, making it rank first in the country and reach the international advanced level; the HD-duty axle gears are subject to 1.5 million cycles during the aforesaid testing and reach the international OEM level. The products are deeply favored by domestic and foreign customers, and exported to countries in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, North America, Middle East, making the company a designated supporting supplier for more than 20 domestic OEMs.
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